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Alumni Profiles


Aaron Barringer

Aaron Barringer is currently in his second year of teaching Middle School English full time. He is teaching 7th Grade English this year at Southeast Guilford Middle School in Greensboro. He loves his job and the fact that he gets to share and discuss his love of reading and writing with his students every day, all the while encouraging them to dig deeper, work harder, and critically question the world around them. 

Savannah Behrent-Clark

Savannah Behrent-Clark is the Program Administrator for the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School. She is responsible for administrative logistics, maintains relationships with internal and external vendors and program constituencies, and is also responsible for budget management and strategic planning of multi-year grants and awards.

Sherronda Brown

Sherronda J. Brown currently serves as Deputy Editor for Black Youth Project, an online publication founded by Cathy Cohen that centers the voices and experiences of Black Millennials. She is also the Managing Editor of Wear Your Voice Magazine, an intersectional feminist digital magazine for queer, trans, and non-binary Black and Indigenous people. In these roles, she produces original work—op-eds, critical essays, interviews, etc.—and also gets to help guide other writers to produce their best work while speaking about their experiences without tone policing or censorship.

Taylor Chapman

Taylor Chapman is a Program Associate at the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation. She provides programmatic and administrative support to the foundation (including research & analysis) and guidance to current and potential grantee partners helping to move people and places out of poverty in the South. She is also a Content Development Specialist for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, managing PPSAT’s online presence and producing visual materials and ad campaigns that promote sexual and reproductive health services across 14 health centers in the Southeast.

Sarah Forcella

Sara Forcella worked at NC State University for 4 years in the Women’s Center as the Rape Prevention Education Coordinator. During that time she went back to school and did UNC’s part time MSW program. She is now a therapist in downtown Raleigh. 

Tara Holmes

Tara Holmes is a PhD candidate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Stony Brook University. She is finishing a dissertation titled “Let’s Not Get Caught, Let’s Keep Goin'”: Queering Popular Film in the 1990s, which traces queer female desire through a spate of popular US films that emerged in the 1990s and have since become queer cultural touchstones. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and works full-time at a digital marketing agency.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson is currently a second-year doctoral student in the American Studies department at the University of Maryland. Sitting at the dynamic intersection of critical university studies, visual cultural analysis, and queer theory, Zac’s current project asks how the work of knowledge production in the critical interdisciplines is mediated aesthetically and how desire for political closures animate current theoretical debates in the humanities. In addition to his research, Zac also serves in a number of other capacities for the American Studies department: teaching undergraduate courses, serving as the graduate student representative to the department, being a research assistant for an undergraduate curriculum committee, and leading the critical university studies working group. Zac has presented his research at the National Women’s Studies Association meeting and at the Northeastern Modern Language Association meeting.

 Link to Zac’s CV

Danielle LaPlace

Danielle LaPlace is currently enrolled in the PhD program in Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland. She had the Dean’s Fellowship for her first year of study. She is also involved in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Graduate Collective.   

Hannah Luedtke

Hannah Luedtke is in her third year working as an associate lecturer in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. 

Lauren Maggart

Lauren Maggart is the Digital Communications Manager for the American Sexual Health Association(ASHA). She spends most of her time managing ASHA’s global Ambassador program, working on social media campaigns, maintaining ASHA’s suite of websites, and supporting their educational initiatives. 

Manju Theresa Mathew

Manju Theresa Mathew worked as a fundraiser for the ACLU after completion of her MA degree. She is now a member of the Faculty Diversity Internship Program at Los Rios Community College in Sacramento, CA.

Caitlin McCann

Caitlin McCann has been teaching first-year college writing and transition English as an adjunct instructor in the English department at GTCC since the fall 2018 semester. She has also been teaching media writing in the Media Studies department at UNCG since the fall 2018 semester.


Marla Sutherland

Marla Sutherland is the Housing First Services Director for Homeward Alliance in Fort Collins, CO. In 2017, she was approached by the nonprofit agency to create and implement a two-year pilot program introducing Housing First practices into our city. The pilot program has grown exponentially and has transitioned from a pilot to permanent structure in our homeless response system. Her vision and intention are to make homelessness rare, short lived and nonrecurring in Northern CO. Marla’s immediate duties have expanded to include supervision of 3 programs and a team of 4 staff members. She participates in many local and state-wide committees focused on homeless solutions and facilitates multi-sector conversations to bridge systemic gaps/failures. She prioritizes collecting, recording, and analyzing quality data in the community to better understand trends and gaps specific to the local need.