Independent Study | Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Independent Study

Independent Study may not be used as a substitute for existing courses.

Independent Study may not be available in the summer, depending on faculty availability.

No more than 6 hours of Independent Study may be applied toward a degree

During the semester BEFORE your proposed Independent Study:

  • Complete WGSS Prerequisites: 9 hours in WGSS courses (or 6 hours if student holds another graduate degree), GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Identify a Faculty Preceptor – Discuss your idea for independent study with a professor who will work with you. This will include clarifying:
    • The focus/concept of your study
    • What the professor expects of you
    • How you will be evaluated (papers, tests, projects, etc.)
    • How many hours of credit you will work toward
    • How frequently you will meet (your schedule)
  • Complete and submit the WGSS Independent Study Proposal Form to the WGSS Director of Independent Study. This includes:
    • A written proposal describing your work and how it relates to your WGSS major/minor
    • The signature of your faculty preceptor
  • Once WGSS approval is obtained, use UNCG’s Permission to Register for Independent Study form to register (requires signatures of WGSS instructor and Director of WGSS

Please click here to download the Independent Study checklist and Proposal Form. Please submit this form to the WGSS Director of Undergraduate Studies. After the DUS has created the course in Banner, please fill out this form for the Registrar.